Meggan and Kyle Wedding at Cabo Azul Resorts, Los Cabos

This time we had the opportunity to cover the wedding of one of the creators of the fashion blog Somewhere lately at Cabo Azul Resorts

I normally don´t describe much on this blog posts since I like to think you take some minutes to watch the film…  I could describe their decoration, the resort, the party, or say about how this couple is perfect for each other, but at the end, I really hope the film reflect it all!  So, please take a little time to enjoy this love story,

From Meggan and Kyle

We just got our wedding video back and we’re blown away! They were such a pleasure to work with and really exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for giving us this video that we will cherish forever.

-Kyle & Meggan

Wedding Coordinator:  Lauren Lemke from Amy Abbott Events
Photographer:  Anna Gomes Photo
Decor: Del Cabo Event Design
Flowers: Pina Cate
Hair and make up: Blanc Bridal Salon
Guitar at Ceremony: Arturo Sotomayor
Band: Kilometro Band

Barette and Christopher Wedding at Cabo Azul Resorts, Los Cabos

When Nina Vance (the mother of the bride) opened the door of Barette´s room told us, “She is so happy because you are going to work with her”.   The truth is, that I was already happy since I met them in our meeting.

When I knew them, I remember have thought, “we are going to have fantastic shots with this good looking couple”.  As soon as they hired us, I called Gabriela Mohar (who was going to be the photographer in Barette and Chris wedding)  and the curious thing was that she told me exactly the same when I told her we were going to work together again.

With all those incredible spots of Cabo Azul, everything turned out beautiful.

Nicole and Peter Wedding at Cabo Azul Resorts, Los Cabos

A frequent question brides asks me is, if they and their guests will be noting us around all the time, during the whole day.

I always answer honestly about this, and I say that there is no way we can hide that well to pass unnoticed, and also having the best result for the film.  We even might interfere in certain moments to ask them or direct them to do an specific action and, that it is always better having a video session besides the usual photo session with the couple…  I know all this sounds annoying but believe me when I say it is not.

I have read reviews of past couples saying that they even didn´t note we were there, with the exception of the real session.  They have said, the emotion is quite intense that they remember everything blurry, out of focus…  Exactly there is where we fit.

What we do is observe and find your style, deciding the way of how you are going to remember and cristalize all those blurry images in your mind, telling the story of the day you joined your life with the one.  That is exactly how it happened with Nicole and Peter´s wedding.

They gave us totally freedom to do what we need to do.  They even chose the photographer Gabriela Mohar knowing that we are good friends and we are able to interact and direct them together.   At the end we got beautiful shots which help us to tell what we need to tell…

I can assure you this, we will be the most unobtrusive possible during the most important moments in the day, but during other moments we will be a true directors of the your memories.

Sherry and Kirk Wedding at Cabo Azul Resorts, Los Cabos

In all our weddings we need to find inspirations to decide the style of the film.   Of course, our couples are the first motive, sometimes the inspiration borns from friends and family, and in other cases it is the place.  In this wedding, the inspiration started for the combination of these 3 aspects.

Sherry and Kirk are so in love that you can easily tell in the way they look at each other.  They had around 20 lovely guests.  All of them so involved in their lives that it was hard not to feel the warm in every word of congratulate they were giving to the couple.  And finally Cabo Azul resorts.  We have been doing a lot of weddings there lately, and we are very impressed that every time we are in this beautiful place, we find something new that will help us to tell a new history.

After all, we are in Cabo, is hard not to feeling inspired!


Minister Marco Arechiga

Photographer Gabriela Mohar