Melissa and Stephen at Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos, Mexico

From Melissa,

Absolutely amazing! I had a vision in my head of what I wanted for my wedding video and Angel and his team exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making my husband and I feel so special on our wedding weekend!

Wedding coordinator: Amy Abbott  Venue:  Cabo del Sol Golf Course  Photographers: Ana & Jerome  Band: Kilometro Band  Dj: Alex DJ Cabo Events  Decor: Del Cabo Event Design  Flowers: Florenta Design  Cake: SWEET DREAMS CABO Special Occasion Cakes  Hair and Makeup: Blanc Bridal Salon  Minister: Reverendo Marco Arechiga



Aarika and Will Wedding at Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos, Mexico

I have been sharing lately comments and reviews our clients leave us on Facebook or by e-mail…  Just as our slogan claims ¨Let our our work speak for itself”  I guess showing you what happen later is the outcome you must know after having said it all.
This words are from Katie (wedding coodinator), posted on her personal facebook account,
“Video is one of the most overlooked parts of a wedding! This gorgeous video, from a wedding I coordinated with Karla Casillas and Co., shows why it should be one of the most important elements of a couple’s wedding planning! Ángel (videographer) is the best! And I just LOVED this very special couple, Aarika Gaona & her new husband, Will! Enjoy!”
And this is a comment from Aarika, a couple of months later after the film was delivered to them,
¨I just rewatched our wedding video for maybe the 1,000th time! I have never been more happy about our decision to have the best videographer capture our day! Katie Krichbaum Thompson Ángel(Cinematic Touch) #priceless¨
Wedding coordinator: Katie Krichbaum Thompson with Karla Casillas and Co.
Photographers: Pink Palm Photo
Hair & Makeup: Blanc Bridal Salon
DJ: Teeven, Elite Entertainment & Audiovisual Events

Sarah and Augustine Wedding at Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

I was a challenge shooting this day due to the wind.  We needed to check audio constantly during ceremony in order to capture it properly!  At the end,  I even flew the drone fearlessly! 😉

As always, I hope that after watching Sarah and Augustine’s film you can realise as we did when we met them, they are simply meant for each other!

Wedding Coordinator//For You, I Do

Photographer//Stephen NG

DJ//DJ Ricardo Patino

Flowers and Cake//Cabo Flowers & Cakes

Makeup and Hair//Alan Torres Ochoa

Shannon and Eric Wedding at Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

Shannon certainly has the Disney Character look…  Insanely beautiful, big eyes, smile from ear to ear, sweet voice…  I was tempted to finalize the video with the Disney Castle animation!  I decided to give it just a little touch with the Disney typo!

Nicely done Prince Eric! 😉


Coordinator//Bet Dalton For you I do Weddings

Venue//Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

Photography//Manuel Burgoin: Art Wedding Photography

Guitar player//Andres Campuzano

Flowers//Cabo Flowers & Cakes

DJ//DJ Ricardo Patino Pedro Patiño

Danielle and Casey Wedding at Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos, Mexico

One thing I love about the whole process of making wedding films is when the bride,  groom, or both have a close approach with me.  So, we start a friendship that involves a lot of e-mails.  Suddenly, we become Facebook friends, and sometimes this relation perdures even when the professional treatment has ended.

When we receive our couples Thank You messages, an idea coincides in most of our couples.  This idea is that we, being the ones who are in charge of telling the story and preserve it, makes us an important part of their life…  This is a strong an overwhelming thought!

Talking to Danielle through Facebook about my thoughts on this , a phrase came out from me,

I said, “this job has many rewards”.  Well… this is an important one!

Thank you so much Danielle!





Coordination//Peter Schmitt, Luz Maria Ornelas
Photographer//Amy Bennett
Guitar player//James Daryl Currie
Dj//Ricardo Patino


Tara and Tory Wedding at Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos, Mexico

When we were about to finish Tara and Tory’s coverage, the photographer told me about they were going to have a Trash the dress session a couple of days after.  I couldn’t resist asking Tara if they weren’t interested in having this session in their film.  After talking a little bit with Tory (I just love how there names sounds together “Tara told  Tory…” 🙂 ) they both decided it would be a good idea.

We went to Chileno’s beach and, as usual my very good friend Manuel started directing the session while I was shadow him.  Tara and Tory had always a smile on their faces, showing us how in love they are, this is the kind of couple every photographer dream on, always willing to do everything for the session, even the underwater part without quiet waves that day.  Just after, we went to dinner delicious Tacos, For you I do Weddings treat. Thank you Beth Dalton! 😉

Wedding Coordinator//For you I Do Weddings Minister//Marco Arechiga Photographer//Manuel Burgoin Venue//Cabo del Sol

Alexandra and Mike Wedding at Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos, Mexico

It has been a while since I published my last video.  Today I have three!

The first one is Alexandra an Mike.  This couple got married last October 20th 2012 at Cabo del Sol.  It was an overwhelming ceremony.  Really hard not to break when you hear their vows.

With a day full of butterflies all over (wich is strange  to see here in Cabo) everything turned out just perfect!

Wedding Venue//Cabo del Sol Wedding Corrdinator//For you, I Do Weddings Beth Dalton Photographer//Manuel Burgoin

Laura and Ben Wedding at Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

I really need to share what Laura sent me after a couple of days of her Wedding Film was online,


Hi Angel,

I still can’t stop watching the video and neither can my friends and family.  I have gotten so many compliments on it, I can’t even explain.  Everyone that has seen it has said they have never seen a wedding video like that, it is so amazing.  The video has even made its way around my office and I keep catching my coworkers crying at their desk and then find out that THEY are watching it.  I shared the link with some of my family and friends and just wanted to share with you some of the comments, because it was you, that brought this special day back to life again for us and for those that couldn’t be there, they felt like they experienced it too.

Omg that was amazing! Mom, jenny and I loved it and are wiping away tears as we speak! Xo

Beautiful video, such a joy to watch! Xo

Holy crap! That was just about the best thing I have ever seen. It’s like you were on a reality TV show or something! You look like a movie star…and your wedding is as perfect as I remember! 

This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…. Besides the real thing of course!  I felt like I was watching a movie!!!! 

Ps. I cried through the whole thing too!

Wow amazing video!!!

WOW!!!!! That was SO amazingly beautiful! I bawled and laughed hysterically the entire time! They captured the spirit of the day so perfectly – really made me want to be there and see it in person all over again! This seriously looks like it could be a TV show or something. Except way better than anything they actually show on TV! Love you Mrs. Kwon!

Love, love, love it!!!!!! Let’s go back and do it again!

Omg! I cried like a baby too! And was on the bus when I watched it! No shame 🙂 still hands down one of the best days of my life and a vacation I’ll never forget for countless reasons. They did an incredible job of capturing all the special little things as well as the big! BOOM!

OMG really really fantastic!

This is awesome! I love how it includes speeches, vows, etc. mixed

with pretty photos/group shots/etc.

And Beth, thank you again for putting together the happiest day of my life 🙂



Thank YOU Laura and Ben!

Beth Dalton//Wedding coordinator//Daniel Jireh//Wedding photographer//Cabo del Sol//Venue//Cinematic Touch//Wedding Cinematographers// 😉

Lorilee and Jared Wedding at Cabo Del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos

Lorilee and Jared´s chose having their wedding on a palindromic date, 11/11/11.  There are a million of reasons this date is considered special in so many ways.  Joining their lives this day will be the most important  and meaningful for this couple.

The coordinator, Beth Dalton – For you I Do Weddings knew this, and put a lot of efforts to make the most special event for them.  Of course she totally did it!

This are some of the vendors Beth got for Lorilee and Jared.

Ceremony and Reception Location: Cabo del Sol

Photographer: Manuel Burgoin

Floral Design:  Cabo Flowers

Band: Deja vú


Enjoy the video!

Rachel and Scott Wedding at Cabo Del Sol Golf Course, Los Cabos

Everybody knows Social networks have changed the way we comunicate and interact.  I have mentioned before that lately my clients contact me first through my personal account of facebook.  This way is so much easier get to know each other before the big day, and after the wedding, I can give them the status of their videos, or simply start chatting for a while like any other pair of friends.

What before were testimonials, now are facebook comments, and in some way, the cold professional treatment has been vanishing,

These are some comments Rachel posted when I linked her Highlights video on Facebook,

“Angel, as everyone has mentioned this is truly amazing! You have a very amazing talent and I am thankful that you were there to capture all of these special moments! Agree with Tammy… booking you was by far the best decision we made!

But of course we wouldn’t have know without Beth…so I guess booking Beth was the best because she introduced us to the best of the best!

WOW! Thank you so much! You really do amazing work! The wait was definitely worth it! I have no idea how you put that all together, but I will enjoy watching it every time (as I just watched it twice back to back)! Thank you for being so talented…and thank you Beth for convincing me a video was worth every penny! Hopefully we will get to meet again!


Also, I need to mention that with social networks, I can be in contant contact with my dear colleagues sharing experiences and knowledge.   And when the time requires, is easier to collaborate together.  This is the case of  Manuel Burgoin who kindly provided me his amazing pictures, Sam Perches who helped in the wedding day, Jorge Ibarra who helped me in the editing, and of course Beth Dalton who is always recommending to her clients having a video and putting a perfect and organized day in one piece!  Thank you all, and see you guys on Facebook.