Jenna and Charles Wedding at Cabo Surf Hotel Los Cabos, Mexico

Jenna and Charles wedding was the first event we covered after my own wedding.  I must say, It is different now.  All what I experienced it was fresh so, it kinda make me connect more with the wedding… thinking and reminding my own while working, looking and smiling to my wife who was by my side, always working with me… my personal angel…  😉

I have always took very serious the responsibility of creating all this memories.  Now I deeply feel it. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the film!

The film is absolutely wonderful. We are so happy that we can cherish it forever!


Sophia and Danny at Cabo Surf Hotel & Spa Los Cabos, Mexico

Before Sophia and Danny’s wedding, we had never been in Cabo Surf Hotel.  As the name says, this hotel is situated just in the spot where perfect waves rises for all the surfers.  Of course that surf essence is all around this place.

I describe this, because this essence simply blends perfectly with what I think Sophia, Danny and their family showed us that day!  When I think in surf, concepts like easygoing, adventurous, fun, to mention just a few comes to my mind.  This is exactly how they are.  I really cannot imagine any other place could fit better for their wedding.

Wedding Coordinator//Amy Abbott  Venue//Cabo Surf Hotel Photography//Daniel Stark Photography