Thuy and Haakon Wedding at Hyatt Ziva, Los Cabos, Mexico

Thuy had 2 single things in mind she was completely sure about her film.  The first one was having us until the very end so we can capture the wishes lanterns.  And for the second one she told me, she was very sensitive, and she would cry all day long so… She asked us trying making a fun video, blending overwhelmed and fun moments in one since she was sure it would be a crazy night for them and their friends.  She were right in both matters.  She did cry all the long AND the wedding was super fun as well!

I hope you enjoy the film.


Wedding Coordinator//Momento Los Cabos Photographer//Gabriela Mohar Venue//Casa Dorada Minister//Marco Arechiga

Stephanie and Jason (My fav. bride) Wedding at Casa Dorada Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

You might wonder about the title of this post.  it is pretty simple…

We have the highest appreciation of all our clients.  After the events, we keep amazing memories of every single one, and sometimes the contact remains, specially this days when everybody have facebook, msn, or e-mail.

With Stephanie and Jason was the opposite, the contact started one year before the big day.  After our first meeting we started to chat a lot, and not just about their wedding.  Stephanie and Jason are the most easygoing couple you can imagine, always telling me stories and joking.  I usually ask their opinion about some video I just did, their thoughts when I had my new website done, or I have even asked for their help to check the connection of the wedding broadcasts I sometimes do…   In a few words, we became friends since the beginning, and one day I told Stephanie she was my favorite bride.

The big day arrived with a warm and familiar feeling.  I immediately told them I felt I was working for old friends…  Now, It has been more than 2 months after their wedding, and of course we have been chatting a lot while I have been editing their video, always keeping the mystery about what I have been doing.

As soon as I told them the highlight was ready, they watched it almost immediately…  Sthepanie´s words were,

“You’re AMAZING!! Thank you for making us movie stars!! Jason & I are beyond thrilled!! This is more than we would have ever dreamt of or expected!! Everyone getting married should use your services…xoxo”

I said,

“Thank you so much for those kind words bride, it has been a complete pleasure working with you!!!  I need to go for now, see you tomorrow on facebook :)”

Special mention to David K. Jones who is behind the deep and incredible voice in this highlights!  Thank you David!