Jackie and Scott at Trump National Golf Course, New Jersey

We have had this video archived for a while.  It is really important for me sharing it because it was our first time working outside Mexico.   Of course after this New Jersey Wedding, we visited New York city for 5 days. 😉

This travel happened thanks to San Diego’s videographer Zeke Torres who kindly invited us to collaborate in the filming on Jackie and Scott’s wedding.  Zeke had worked before with the family  on Jackie’s sister sweet sixteen.  A year later, they decided flying him to New Jersey for the event and fortunately Zeke included us in the package.

Covering an event outside of everything you know has an interesting impact.  I am not only talking about the look of the film, you can tell immediately a different vibe due to the different and beautiful New Jersey’s backgrounds compared with the images you can get in Cabo.  I am talking about the impact in us when we are out of our comfort zone.  The nervousness of being in a far and unknown place, solving the obstacles implied, trying to not missing any moment, while at the same time,  experiencing the fact of being in such and amazing place, mixed with the actual feelings that flows in every single wedding, is a cocktail of sensations that hopefully you can experience a bit while watching the final result.