Mabel and Victhor Wedding at Cid Riviera Maya

Leo and I are 29 years old.  At our age, we are starting to note all our same age friends are getting married, and having their own families…

We know Mabel since college, and she moved to the Riviera Maya 2 years ago.  Imagine our impression when she called to tell us,

– “I am getting married and I want you to come and do the video”

All the experiences and antics we did on those college days crossed our minds, and our next words were,

– ” Mabel, that is fantastic!  We should make a Trash the dress session too, we have always wanted to do that!”

and with a sweet voice she said,

-“I totally trust in you guys, do whatever you want”

We think the result is fantastic.  This event was an all day coverage (10 hours in the wedding day) and 3 more for the trash the dress.  At the very end of the trip we were so tired but totally worth it!

Also, we had the pleasure to work again with Waldo Franco, who made a fantastic job.  We will be uploading the photo session clip soon!


This is what Mavelle wrote to us!


I have had the fortune of being angel and leo’s friend for many years. When they started their journey of change their residence to Cabo San Lucas, I knew since the very start they would be successful.

Now with happiness and joy, I can say,  they are the best!

When angel asked me which song I would like for the Highlights, I put my faith completely in him and replied…WORK YOUR MAGIC… and he did!

It had not spent even 40 seconds of the video and I couldn´t stop crying so bad.  Everything was magical, just the way Angel knows how to do it, every single detail was in it!

The correct word to describe my video is… PERFECT!

Thank you guys for the incredible memories you have captured, I know this remains forever.

I Wish you all the success you guys deserve.


Love Mabel