Yalda and Ben The musical Wedding at Hyatt Ziva, Los Cabos

From where can I start telling the marvelous experience we had doing this project?

Everything starts in one of the firsts e-mails Ben sent me.   He did one specific question to me,

– “Do you think we can make a musical video?”

– “We totally can, if you guys are willing to act, dance, and convince all your guests to do it!” – I replied.

How could I know by then that everything was going to be in the right place in every single aspect?

Ben dancing skills are beyond usual, Yalda sweetness  reminds me a genuine princess of those you can see in any Disney musical, the cooperation of all their guest was similar to having an entire cast of extras of a real movie production.  I really must say, a big percentage of the value in this project is totally due to them.

And what about the crew behind the cameras?

Leonardo Batis (my inconditional 2nd shooter, and director of a bunch of scenes), Heidi Sunsdstrom (3rd shooter and young padawan), Sam Perches (cool crane operator, colleague and friend), Luz Magaña (assistant, script coordinator and my beautiful girlfriend!).  This project would be completely impossible without any of them.

Thank you to Juan Carlos Tapia to allowed us (and helped us) to take a lot of the time destined to photos to do this.  What a better thing for the good of a project than vendors partnerships!


This is what Ben sent us when he first saw it,




I am at a complete lost for words….


This video, in short, is the most SENSATIONAL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING, PHENOMENAL AND SPECTACULAR work of art I have ever seen!!!!!!!


I actually cried twice the first two times I saw it and still tear up after the 15th and 16th (and many more) times!!!!  We cannot wait to show all our friends and family!


Yalda and I love it and we cannot even begin to thank you enough and express how much we appreciate your hard work!!!!  Please offer our deepest gratitude to your entire team!


If you’re ever in Vancouver please give us a call!!!

Next time we’re in Los Cabos we need to meet for a drink!


Muchas gracias!!