Yasmine and Geoff Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa, Los Cabos, Mexico

2 weeks ago we attended a series of wedding cinematography conferences…  We returned home with a lot of inspiration and new ideas I am sure it will be reflected soon in our work!

One of the discussions we heard a lot while we were there was regarding the music of the films.  Most of our colleagues coincide in the idea of us as professionals should select the music, not the clients.

“We suppose to know what works better for the story”  “Couples normally make a commercial song selection, and the fact of using those tracks will make the film look old fast”

We agree!  Welll… sort of…

If we took all this as a rule, we couldn’t have created something unique like Yasmine and Geoff’s Film!  Unique because talks about them, it shows a glimpse of how they are.  A story told with the support of their favourite music!  It will never get old, not for the couple which of course is our main priority!

We confirmed that after making all of our suggestions and statements regarding music (and any other matter not mentioned here) to our couples we strongly believe, they must have the last word!



Venue: Pueblo Bonito Pacífica Resort and Spa

Wedding Coordinator: Marisol Villalobos

Photography:Dennis Berti Wedding Photography and Chio García Photography

DJ: Roberto Contreras