Dayna and Ray Wedding at RIU Hotels & Resorts, Los Cabos, Mexico

We have been asked several times how we manage to keep making every video so different. The short answer is, “because every couple is different” and this says it all.

You could think a wedding is always the same. The bride and the groom get ready, have a ceremony followed by a reception and a party. However, this is just the structure of the day. The magic to us happens when we discover those key aspects that make every couple unique. We then know right away how their story is going to be told.

For example, during the speeches for Dayna and Ray’s wedding, their maid of honor told the story of how they got engaged during an Elliuth Brood concert. We knew immediately that we had to incorporate that song to the film just after she mentioned it.

Clearly, every wedding will have different speeches or different vows so, we need to keep our eyes and ears open to make sure we know how to tell YOUR story linking the important moments and highlighting it all.

This is why every film is different, just as all of our couples are.

Photographer//Cassie Molyneux Minister//Marco Arechiga Venue//Riu Los Cabos Wedding Coordinator//Jazz Acero