Sophina and Azim Wedding at The Cape – Sunset Da Mona Lisa – Hacienda Cocina Cantina, Los Cabos, Mexico

I could tell you about how Sophina and Azim’s amazing wedding had everything!  But, I recommend watching their film and find out by yourself…  I also prefer sharing with you what this amazing couple reviewed us in our Facebook page and this post will be completed!  Easy! 😉

“Working with Angel was absolutely amazing! Throughout the process from start to finish he was easy to communicate with and always available to answer our questions during the planning phase.

We had a three day wedding and spent a lot of time with Angel and his team, everyone was friendly and they didn’t make you feel like they were in your space at all. Our video captured so many of our favorite moments from our wedding and it is amazing to watch it and re-live the amazing week we had with all our family and friends. Angel has a special way of piecing together everything to fit nicely, and make the video flow very smoothly.

I highly recommend cinematic touch for your wedding videography, definitely the best in Cabo! Thanks Angel and team!”

Wedding coordinator: Memories-Weddings & Events

Photographer: Josafat de la Toba

Minister: Jorge Arechiga Carrillo

Welcome Party Band: TOTOY BAND

Wedding Band: Kilometro Band

Mica and Ben Wedding at Sunset Da Mona Lisa, Los Cabos, Mexico

A week ago, after watching one of our films in a meeting, I was asked by a father of the bride if we had a system to do every film, like a some sort of a template he said…  To answer his question I showed him 2 more wedding films…  Then he said, “Noup, you don’t follow a template, every single one is different from each other” then, I just smiled…
While is true we try to do every single film different, we sometimes follow instructions from our couples if they want certain special aspects to be included.  Of course we also express our own recommendations based on experience, but always trying to do something unique, something that talks about our couples, and their wedding story.
Each film is different from each other, because each couple is different from each other, and we listen, observe and analyse them all by separate, without templates…   We are wedding story tellers, and we don’t pretend being more than that, we are conscious that we are trying to preserve their memories from our perspective, but they must feel is theirs!
My instructions from Ben were simple,
“We trust you and know you’ll kill it so feel free to run with it.  fly baby fly!
You got the vibe of the party, guests and the atmosphere so we’ll let you run with it!  The only song we like (and if it makes sense to incorporate) is Edward Sharpe Home.”
I hope you enjoy the result…
Wedding coordinator//Jessica Renee Wolff at Cabo Wedding Services by Tammy
Photographer//Sara Richardson Photography
DJ//Dj Mijares
Flowers//Cabo Flowers & Cakes
Hair and Makeup//Makeup by Bri

Christine and Sergio Wedding at Sunset Da Mona Lisa Los Cabos, Mexico

This wedding was celebrated on such an important and meaningful day that (quoting Reverend Marco during ceremony) (I love the way he officiates BTW) – “I am so glad  I like soccer!”  The Super bowl.

Nevertheless, on Christine and Sergio wedding every single one of the guests were so into their union that I think anyone missed the game… I didn’t hear any comments or questions about it, that I simply decided to leave the joke and anything related to it out of their film.  The decision made well, I received this message from Christine when she watched it for the first time,

OMG!!! It’s so so awesomeeeee!!! 🙂

Photographer: Sara Richardson// Minister: Reverend Marco Arechiga//DJ: Adan Mijares//Flowers: Cabo Flowers//Venue: Sunset Da Mona Lisa//Wedding Coordinator:  Cabo Wedding Services by Tammy

And this is how the Bluray main menu looks like,

Carly and Adam Wedding at Sunset Da Mona Lisa Los Cabos, Mexico

This destination has the peculiarity of being house of people from all over the world.  It is difficult to find someone born and raised in this land…  I like to hear stories from people who one day decided Cabo will be their home.  The storyteller inside me imagines all this anecdotes as adventure movies, and sometimes the movie is a romantic one!

Carly is a sweet Canadian girl that has been living in Cabo for several years.  Adam is an easygoing australian leaving in Cabo since 2010.  One day, boy meets girl (in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico 😉 ) and today they are husband and wife!

So, Carly and Adam’s wedding was a truly international one.  People from, Canada, Australia, United States, and Mexico helped to build a lovely happy ending for this story.

Beth and Joey Wedding at Sunset Da Mona Lisa Los Cabos, Mexico

We met for the fist time with Bethany and Joey more than a year before their wedding.  Since this meeting we could tell the kindness and sweetness of this 2 amazing persons!  You can tell in the video since the very first second this quality of them, not to mention, they are completely in love.  You can tell this other quality also in the video, and being convinced about it before the first minute 😉

Don´t forget to check the gallery of this wedding clicking Here.  Josafat´s work will be part of Cinematic Touch very soon, and his work will be offered when our brand new website is completely done!

Stay tuned!

Wedding Venue//Sunset Da Mona Lisa  Wedding Coordinator//Tammy Wolf  Photographer//Josafat de La Toba

Zainab and Rishi Wedding at Hilton Beach & Golf Resort, Los Cabos

Zainab and Rishi´s wedding had it all, it was a really colorful event fill with dances, fireworks, fire dancers, sky lanterns, super fun party, among other kind of traditions.

This job of mine allows me being witness of the union of different cultures of all kinds and for that I feel honored, thankful and proud.

This Indian-Pakistani wedding coordinated by Gaby Cobian, was an outstanding event I will never forget.

Thank you Zainab and Rishi!


Venues:  Hilton Los Cabos and Sunset da Mona Lisa

Photographer: Daniel Jireh

DJ:  Ricardo Patiño

Daniela and Javier Wedding at Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant, Los Cabos

I hadn´t had the opportunity of shooting a wedding at Sunset da Mona Lisa in a while, but of course I hadn´t forgotten the experience of being witness of the exceptional view this place has to offer.  And that, combined with the great vibe of the wedding, has not comparison.

All this made me think about the name.  Everybody knows the Mona Lisa painting also known as La Gioconda.  This piece and all the story around it has been full of adjectives like, enigmatic, fascinating,  mysterious, beautiful, and the list goes and goes…

My point is, you wouldn´t say almost the same from a sunset, just like the amazing ones you can witness in this place?  I don´t know the person who thought in this name or if he or she was thinking the same I was.  I just can say that this is one of those cases that everything is in the right place.   And a wedding rounded of all this concepts must be a perfect start…  I am sure Daniela and Javier agree with me.


Friends of this wedding,




Coordinator – Tammy wolff

Photographer – Daniel Jireh

Minister – Marco Arechiga