Karisa and Scott Wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas


We were not supposed to work at Karisa and Scott Wedding.  Sometimes we are out of couples budget and we totally understand it!  There is too much to plan, and too much money to expend, that wedding videography is one of the first services that simply needs to be cut off…

The ironic part comes when you realize, video is all what remains of the adventure 😉  It is what can preserve all the laughs, tears, and all this strong emotions in the most faithful form.  It simply allows to re-visit the day.

This is what Karisa’s dad understood when he decided surprising his beautiful daughter hiring us for her wedding.  “This is now, this is happening now” the minister says almost at the beginning of the film.  Well… thanks to Todd, this is how they are going to remember it…

Venue//Capella Pedregal

Wedding coordinator//Cecilia Villanueva

Photographer//Gabriela Mohar


Maybellene and Fernando Wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

I am always giving the credit of Reverend Marco Arechiga in all the weddings we work together, but I have never said how he floods the wedding with personality and charism!  Marco has the ability of making all the audience laugh out loud, and suddenly put everybody to tear a minute later!  It is a true joy when couples tell me Marco will be the minister of the wedding!  I am sure Maybellene and Fernando agree with me on this!

Capella Pedregal was the venue, and Karla Casillas’s team the wedding coordinators.  Also, I had the pleasure of knowing an amazing photographer from San Francisco, Ed Pingol, who all the time had the kindness of asking us if we were getting the shots…  I truly appreciate when photographers work as a team with us!

As usual, thank you to my second shooter Natanael Heraldez and his brother Amilcar from Hera Pro.  Always a privilege having them!

Anything can’t go wrong with this kind of team!


Shannon and Morgan Wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

Part of this job is always trying to think and make things different.  We need to find creative methods to express feelings and tell your history in the best way.  This time, we thought high… literally!  We offer to Shannon and Morgan having an helicopter to make some aerial shots for the processional and photo session.  They fortunately accepted the offer, and we cannot be happier with the result!

The Gangnam style during the party was planned by then!  We are not responsable for that part! 😉

Wedding Venue//Capella Pedregal Wedding Coordinator//Cecilia Villanueva  Photographer//Amy Bennet Minister//Marco Arechiga


Gelila and David Wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, Los Cabos

We are quite honored to have worked with Gelila and David since they are TV producers and chose us to cover their day.  Chalenges are always a pleasure, and  in this case we knew since the very beginning Gelila and David would appreciate all the Cinematic touches 🙂 into this film.

This one was our first wedding at Capella Pedregal which is one the most private, intimate and sophisticated hotels in Cabo San Lucas.  The photographers were the talented Gabriela Mohar accompanied by Waldo Franco who kindly provided us a bunch of photos to include them into the wedding film and make it so special.

Gelida and David,

Thank you so much for letting us be part of your amazing day!