Jenna and Charles Wedding at Cabo Surf Hotel Los Cabos, Mexico

Jenna and Charles wedding was the first event we covered after my own wedding.  I must say, It is different now.  All what I experienced it was fresh so, it kinda make me connect more with the wedding… thinking and reminding my own while working, looking and smiling to my wife who was by my side, always working with me… my personal angel…  😉

I have always took very serious the responsibility of creating all this memories.  Now I deeply feel it. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the film!

The film is absolutely wonderful. We are so happy that we can cherish it forever!


Heather and James Wedding at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard, San Luis Obispo, California

As you might know, we are based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and little by little we are having weddings outside our area.  A couple of years ago, I wondered what I should do to start traveling and working in what I call international weddings 😉 without knowing exactly the formula.  The thing is, there is no formula!  All the weddings we have had outside Los Cabos have been due to past couples referrals we were lucky enough to work with.  And I cannot being happier that is the reason is happening.

Covering Heather and James wedding became a reality to us thanks to Laura and Ben (clic here to watch their film) who kindly referred us to this super fun couple!  The venue was at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard San Luis Obispo, California, the coordination was by LovelyFest Event, and we had such a great time!

Hopefully the international weddings will keep coming!  😀

Ashley and Matt Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort Los Cabos

A couple days before their wedding Ashley and Matt was so overwhelmed due to some issues they were experimenting.  When they arrived to the airport their flight was delayed five hours, they still had pendent payments to do and, because of this, she was worried about vendors not showing up that day and so on…

When we met days before the wedding, she consulted us about some interrogates they were having on this process.  Our answer was, “You don’t need to be worried, it is completely normal in Destination Weddings having issues here and there, but at the end all the effort worth it, you’ll see”.  She looked relaxed after that answer and guess what?  Yeah… All turned out being just perfect, including the film of course 😉  Her words,

“You have us all in tears from Miami to Texas! We are so in love. This is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives Angel. Your crew was incredible.”


Tifanny + Gilbert Wedding at Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Los Cabos, Mexico

There are many kind of weddings…  Some are more solemn than others.   You can find those that are fun, or I have even witnessed the ones that are completely crazy!  Of course, all of them with their overwhelming and romantic moments.

I would say Tifanny and Gilbert’s wedding remains between the fun and crazy category.  All their guests were so much fun during the whole day, and Tiffany and Gilbert are crazy for each other!  😉

Venue//Hacienda Cocina & Cantina

Coordinator//Amy Abbott Events
Audio & DJ//Alex DJ Cabo Events
Photography//Photo by Julieta

Sarah and Augustine Wedding at Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

I was a challenge shooting this day due to the wind.  We needed to check audio constantly during ceremony in order to capture it properly!  At the end,  I even flew the drone fearlessly! 😉

As always, I hope that after watching Sarah and Augustine’s film you can realise as we did when we met them, they are simply meant for each other!

Wedding Coordinator//For You, I Do

Photographer//Stephen NG

DJ//DJ Ricardo Patino

Flowers and Cake//Cabo Flowers & Cakes

Makeup and Hair//Alan Torres Ochoa

Smita and Nimesh Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort Los Cabos

I have been asked several times by my own girlfriend if is allowed to have indian music and some indian traditions in our own future wedding…  She finds them full of color and energy that makes her want something similar!  I cannot agree more, it is truly amazing!

When the time comes, I am going to consider arriving to our ceremony on a horse! 🙂

Venue//Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas

Wedding Coordinator//Asher Jenay A Baja Romance Wedding By Karla Casillas

Hair and Makeup//Blanc Bridal Salon

Lighting & DJ//Teeven, Wedding & Corporate Events

Photographer//Matei Horvath Photography


Katie and Blaine Wedding at Flora Farm Los Cabos, Mexico

It has been pretty amazing watching how fast Cabo recovered after hurricane Odile stroke.  Katie and Blaine’s wedding was celebrated 5 months after this natural disaster at Flora Farm.  You could think 5 months is quite enough time to recover but, they got married at flora farm!!!  you know… where flowers and food grows after been literally flown away! 🙂

Flora Farms is not only completely recovered, it is now bigger and keep growing and growing.  A true demonstration of why everybody says Cabo is strong.  Enjoy the film to watch yourself how beautiful it is.

Venue//Flora Farm Coordinator//Amy Abbott Photographer//Amy Bennett DJ//Alex DJ Cabo Events

This is how their Main menu looks!

Katie and Blaine’s Main Menu Cinemagraph from Angel Zapien on Vimeo.

Christine and Sergio Wedding at Sunset Da Mona Lisa Los Cabos, Mexico

This wedding was celebrated on such an important and meaningful day that (quoting Reverend Marco during ceremony) (I love the way he officiates BTW) – “I am so glad  I like soccer!”  The Super bowl.

Nevertheless, on Christine and Sergio wedding every single one of the guests were so into their union that I think anyone missed the game… I didn’t hear any comments or questions about it, that I simply decided to leave the joke and anything related to it out of their film.  The decision made well, I received this message from Christine when she watched it for the first time,

OMG!!! It’s so so awesomeeeee!!! 🙂

Photographer: Sara Richardson// Minister: Reverend Marco Arechiga//DJ: Adan Mijares//Flowers: Cabo Flowers//Venue: Sunset Da Mona Lisa//Wedding Coordinator:  Cabo Wedding Services by Tammy

And this is how the Bluray main menu looks like,

Isabel and Travis Wedding at Rancho Pacífica Los Cabos, Mexico

It was a big surprise when we knew we would be shooting at a new location.  And a bigger surprise when we scouted the place and realised it was an breathtaking place!  My first thought was, “I must have aerial shots of here!”

Perfect spot for Isabel and Travis wedding who reunited around 300 guests to witness their union!

I hope you enjoy their film!


Shannon and Eric Wedding at Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

Shannon certainly has the Disney Character look…  Insanely beautiful, big eyes, smile from ear to ear, sweet voice…  I was tempted to finalize the video with the Disney Castle animation!  I decided to give it just a little touch with the Disney typo!

Nicely done Prince Eric! 😉


Coordinator//Bet Dalton For you I do Weddings

Venue//Cabo del Sol Ocean Golf Course

Photography//Manuel Burgoin: Art Wedding Photography

Guitar player//Andres Campuzano

Flowers//Cabo Flowers & Cakes

DJ//DJ Ricardo Patino Pedro Patiño