Heather and James Wedding at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard, San Luis Obispo, California

As you might know, we are based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and little by little we are having weddings outside our area. ¬†A couple of years ago, I wondered what I should do to start traveling and working in what I call international weddings ūüėČ without knowing exactly the formula. ¬†The thing is, there is no formula! ¬†All the weddings we have had outside Los Cabos have been due to past couples referrals we were lucky enough to work with. ¬†And I cannot being happier that is the reason is happening.

Covering Heather and James wedding became a reality to us thanks to Laura and Ben (clic here to watch their film) who kindly referred us to this super fun couple!  The venue was at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard San Luis Obispo, California, the coordination was by LovelyFest Event, and we had such a great time!

Hopefully¬†the international weddings will keep coming! ¬†ūüėÄ

Ashley and Matt Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort Los Cabos

A couple days before their¬†wedding Ashley and Matt was so overwhelmed due to some issues they were experimenting. ¬†When they arrived to the airport their flight was delayed five hours, they still had pendent payments to do and, because of this, she was worried about vendors not showing up that day and so on…

When we met days before the wedding, she consulted¬†us about some interrogates they were having on this process. ¬†Our answer was, “You don’t need to be worried, it is completely normal in Destination Weddings having issues here and there, but at the end all the effort worth it, you’ll see”. ¬†She looked relaxed after that answer and guess what? ¬†Yeah… All turned out being just perfect, including¬†the film of course ūüėČ ¬†Her words,

“You have us all in tears from Miami to Texas! We are so in love. This is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives Angel. Your crew was incredible.”


Tifanny + Gilbert Wedding at Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Los Cabos, Mexico

There are many¬†kind of weddings… ¬†Some are more solemn than others. ¬† You can find those that are fun, or I have even witnessed the ones that are completely crazy! ¬†Of course, all of them with their overwhelming and romantic moments.

I would say Tifanny and Gilbert’s wedding remains between the fun and crazy category. ¬†All their guests were¬†so much fun during the whole day,¬†and Tiffany and Gilbert¬†are crazy for¬†each other! ¬†ūüėČ

Venue//Hacienda Cocina & Cantina

Coordinator//Amy Abbott Events
Audio & DJ//Alex DJ Cabo Events
Photography//Photo by Julieta

Smita and Nimesh Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort Los Cabos

I have been asked several times by my own girlfriend if is allowed to have indian music and some indian traditions in our own future wedding… ¬†She finds them full of color and energy that makes her want something similar! ¬†I cannot agree more, it is truly amazing!

When the time comes, I am going to consider arriving to our ceremony on a horse! ūüôā

Venue//Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas

Wedding Coordinator//Asher Jenay A Baja Romance Wedding By Karla Casillas

Hair and Makeup//Blanc Bridal Salon

Lighting & DJ//Teeven, Wedding & Corporate Events

Photographer//Matei Horvath Photography


Katie and Blaine Wedding at Flora Farm Los Cabos, Mexico

It has been¬†pretty amazing watching how fast Cabo recovered after hurricane Odile stroke. ¬†Katie and Blaine’s wedding was celebrated 5 months after this natural disaster at Flora Farm. ¬†You could think 5 months is quite enough time to recover but, they got married at flora farm!!! ¬†you know… where flowers and food grows after been literally flown away! ūüôā

Flora Farms is not only completely recovered, it is now bigger and keep growing and growing.  A true demonstration of why everybody says Cabo is strong.  Enjoy the film to watch yourself how beautiful it is.

Venue//Flora Farm Coordinator//Amy Abbott Photographer//Amy Bennett DJ//Alex DJ Cabo Events

Farid and Golnaz Wedding at Hotel El Ganzo, Los Cabos Mexico

Farid and Golnaz’s event¬†introduced us to a lovely Persian wedding we hadn’t have the honor of covering before, and to a different, and recently popular¬†venue. ¬†Hotel El Ganzo.

Farid and Golnaz knew since their early planning what they were looking for their film.  When we first met, we talked about how different their wedding was going to be and all what it was important to them.  They trusted in us and now we feel extremely proud to have filled their expectations!


Photographers//Chis + Lynn

Wedding Coordinator//Memories Weddings & Events


Karisa and Scott Wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas


We were not supposed to work at Karisa and Scott Wedding. ¬†Sometimes we are out of couples budget and we totally understand it! ¬†There is too much to plan, and too much money to expend, that wedding videography is one of the first services that simply needs to be cut¬†off…

The ironic part comes¬†when you realize, video is all what remains of the adventure ūüėČ ¬†It is what can preserve all the laughs, tears, and all this strong emotions¬†in the most faithful form. ¬†It simply allows to re-visit the day.

This is what Karisa’s dad understood when he decided surprising his beautiful daughter hiring us for her wedding. ¬†“This is now, this is happening now” the minister says almost at the beginning of the film. ¬†Well… thanks to Todd, this is how they are going to remember it…

Venue//Capella Pedregal

Wedding coordinator//Cecilia Villanueva

Photographer//Gabriela Mohar


Princy and Sri Wedding at Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico

By now, you surely have noted that the tendency in wedding films is having a voice over leading the stories of what you are watching. ¬†Could be a speech, an interview or the minister reading. ¬†It simply gives a Cinematic felling to the piece, besides, keeps the film interesting. ¬†It is our main tool while building the history of the film. First thing Sri told me was, ¬†“I would like to have at the minimum the voice over in our wedding film”. ¬†He explained to me that he would like something slower and romantic… something, short and sweet, but keeping the story interesting! ¬†A challenge without our story telling main tool. ¬†We love challenges! This is from Sri after watching his film.

We both saw the trailer multiple times and absolutely love it! You really captured what we had in mind! Princy was in tears reliving the whole thing‚Ķ ¬†We can’t wait to start sending it around to all our friends and family.
And From Princy,Angel, I cant thank you enough! This trailer looks so awesome! we have gotten so many compliments. and most importantly, it truly tells the story of the day. I was literally in tears when i saw it. we couldnt be happier.
Wedding coordinator//Yarai Peregrino Venue//Dreams Resorts and Spas  Photographers//Pink Palm Photographers  Minister//Jorge Arechiga

Jackie and Scott at Trump National Golf Course, New Jersey

We have had this video¬†archived for a while. ¬†It is really important for me sharing it because it was our first time working outside Mexico. ¬† Of course after this New Jersey Wedding, we visited New York city for 5 days. ūüėČ

This travel happened thanks to San Diego’s videographer Zeke Torres¬†who kindly invited us to collaborate in the filming on Jackie and Scott’s wedding. ¬†Zeke had worked before with the family ¬†on Jackie’s sister sweet sixteen. ¬†A year later, they decided flying him to New Jersey for the event and fortunately Zeke included us in the package.

Covering an event outside of everything you know has an interesting impact. ¬†I am not only talking about the look of the film, you can tell immediately a different vibe due to the different and beautiful New Jersey’s backgrounds compared with the images you can get in Cabo. ¬†I am talking about the impact in us when we are out of our comfort zone. ¬†The nervousness of being in a far and unknown place, solving the obstacles implied, trying to not missing any moment, while at the same time, ¬†experiencing the fact of being in such and amazing place, mixed with the actual feelings that flows in every single wedding, is a cocktail of sensations that hopefully you can experience a bit while watching the final result.

Rachelle and Drew Wedding at Flora Farms and Querencia Los Cabos, Mexico

Anything can’t go wrong in the building of our films when we are lucky enough to have all what we need to do it. ¬†Seriously, if the wedding has a perfect venue, a super good looking couple completely in love, family and friends genuinely excited and happy for them, overwhelming speeches, our job is basically being there and capturing all!

I cannot be happier with the results!

Wedding coordinator//Amy Abbot Photographer//Frank Amodo Rehearsal dineer venue//Flora Farm Wedding venue//Querencia Minister//Marco Arechiga Entertainment//Roger Kassiano Guitarrist//Daryl Currie