Leah and Jason Wedding at Dreams Los Cabos Suites & Golf Resort & Spa

We had the opportunity to work with Leah and Jason thanks to the mother of the bride… Teresita contacted us around 5 months before the wedding and all contact was always with her.  We actually knew the couple until the wedding day and, you know what?  It was like we already knew them.  Teresita made us feel like if we were friends from long time ago since the very beginning.  Maybe was that…

Also, Leah and Jason´s family and friends are warm, kind, and fun.  They extend all this qualities to the people around them so, it felt familiar.

Don´t miss the father of the bride piece of advise!  It is the BEST I have ever heard!  😉

Photography: Nicole Ashley Minister: Diego Vidal Venue:  Dreams Los Cabos

Princy and Sri Wedding at Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico

By now, you surely have noted that the tendency in wedding films is having a voice over leading the stories of what you are watching.  Could be a speech, an interview or the minister reading.  It simply gives a Cinematic felling to the piece, besides, keeps the film interesting.  It is our main tool while building the history of the film. First thing Sri told me was,  “I would like to have at the minimum the voice over in our wedding film”.  He explained to me that he would like something slower and romantic… something, short and sweet, but keeping the story interesting!  A challenge without our story telling main tool.  We love challenges! This is from Sri after watching his film.

We both saw the trailer multiple times and absolutely love it! You really captured what we had in mind! Princy was in tears reliving the whole thing…  We can’t wait to start sending it around to all our friends and family.
And From Princy,Angel, I cant thank you enough! This trailer looks so awesome! we have gotten so many compliments. and most importantly, it truly tells the story of the day. I was literally in tears when i saw it. we couldnt be happier.
Wedding coordinator//Yarai Peregrino Venue//Dreams Resorts and Spas  Photographers//Pink Palm Photographers  Minister//Jorge Arechiga

Michelle and Marc Wedding at Dreams Suites Golf Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

Times has changed for the wedding videography (today transformed in cinematography) industry…  The goal now while producing is approach to the film look.  All the news cameras and technology in general allows us to play this way even in social events as weddings where the script is written, and you can almost touch all those strong feelings.

Even when we can offer a certain Cinematic Touch 😉 we are always in the searching of making this memories more personal and different for every single couple.

For Michelle and Marc Short Film we thought in a way of delving a little bit more in some aspects we simply cannot be part of.  So, we provided a Handycam to one of the groomsman and asked him to shoot whatever he wanted to shoot…  The results couldn´t be better!  He is the kind of guy who is narrating all what he is seeing giving a totally different sense to the history, making it feel real, and contrasting the history with all what we could perceive!

So, we will be insisting in making all our films look like a movie, but we will also insist in reflecting the style of the couple while we tell the history.

Hope you enjoy it as we did!

Thanks to Kym Salafranca, the coordinator of this event, you did a fantastic job!

Sarah and Rick Wedding at Dreams Suites Golf Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

I cannot remember a hotter day than this one in which Sarah and Rick joined their lives…  I laughed so bad when Marco Arechiga told them, and I quote,

– “Your love is melting us all away guys, I hope you never forget your wedding… Every time you sweat, think in Cabo”.

Of course everybody laughed, and like this, with a lot of smiles in the crowd  was how this story started.

Sarah and Rick are so in love that must have been super easy for Manuel Burgoin taking their pictures.  It was for us in the wedding film so, I am sure it will be easy to them share what they were feeling on their day just showing their amazing photos and of course, their film! 🙂

With Magda Rueda as the wedding coordinator, everything turned out just perfect!

Erin and Quinn Wedding at Dreams Suites Golf Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

Everybody knows that we mexicans are very close to our own families.  Are very common the proofs of affection day by day between us, and of course during special events like weddings….  Why am I doing this reflexion you might wonder?   The answer is, because Erin and Quinn wedding reminded me that!

Since Erin´s room during her getting ready, I could note a very particular vibe I was familiarized in.  Family and friends were hanging there each other, laughing, joking, even tearing.  Ceremony started and again, that sensation of closeness!  By the speeches time everything was clear.  Guests talked for 3 hours about how this couple are important to themselves, and just after that, Erin and Quinn thanked to every single one of them, one by one (around 70 guests).

I remembered have thought “Family and friends are very very important to Erin and Quinn, I need to reflect that in their film”

This wedding was at beautiful Dreams Resorts coordinated by Yarai.  The minister Marco Arechiga and his memorable ceremonies!

Also, we had the opportunity to know the outstanding work of Cole from Nordica!