Brittany and Stephen’s Wedding at Solaz, Los Cabos

This event was LIVE Streamed on Saturday, October 31, 2020


Prior any contract or deposit, Cinematic Touch will visit the selected wedding venue to revise if an internet connection is possible at the location.  Tentative clients will be notified in case this is not possible in order to revise video-only packages.

CT will provide their own signal through 3 mobile modems combined.
In order to guarantee the streaming without interruptions, CT will try to arrange with the venue using their Internet connection if this exists.  The local signal of the location must be the most reliable connection.  Additional costs may apply from the venue.

–  2 to 4 Professional Cameras
–  Profesional audio recording
–  Tripod and stabilizers
–  Lighting (if required)

Having the possibility to live stream multiple cameras will allow the viewer having the “being there” experience.  We are able to assign each of our cameras to focus in all the important moments, and transmit them just as if a live TV show were on air.
The Live Streaming will be available following a private link which will be provided to clients prior the event.

Streaming clip available:
Once the event has finalized the transmission video will be available minutes later to re-watch on the same day.

After the streaming, CT will edit the raw footage material (upgrading colors/adding shots if needed) and upload the full quality film 2 days after the event for clients to watch online and/or to download.

50% deposit is required to lock the date.
Final payment must be completed before the event.

Benefits of Streaming

Live streaming increases the attendance of the wedding specially during the new normality we are starting lo live, where social distancing is now part of our lives.   It provides the people who are unable to attend the wedding an option to virtually attend and lets them witness something beautiful and unconventional.

It is important to note that the usage of simple smartphones to live stream does not achieve the required audio and video clarity professional live streaming can provide, and not to mention that everything would be limited to the available bandwidth in the venue at the time of the ceremony.

This is where Cinematic Touch fits in.