Megan and Josh Wedding at Esperanza an Auberge Resort

This event was streamed LIVE on March 5, 2021 at 5:30 pm Cabo Time


Benefits of Streaming

Live streaming increases the attendance of the wedding specially during the new normality we are starting lo live, where social distancing is now part of our lives.   It provides the people who are unable to attend the wedding an option to virtually attend and lets them witness something beautiful and unconventional.

It is important to note that the usage of simple smartphones to live stream does not achieve the required audio and video clarity professional live streaming can provide, and not to mention that everything would be limited to the available bandwidth in the venue at the time of the ceremony.

This is where Cinematic Touch fits in.

We have available 2 options in regards of live streaming,

1st option includes:

–  1 Professional Camera mounted on stabilizer for moving shots

–  Tripod once the ceremony have started

–  Profesional audio.

2nd option includes:

–  3 Professional Cameras

–  Profesional audio

–  Tripod and stabilizers

–  Lighting (if required)

* Drone can be added for additional fee


For both options:

4 days prior the event we provide the link the couple share with family and friends at home.  This link will show a video player where the live streaming will be visible on the wedding day.  The live streaming will start automatically on the player.


We provide our own internet signal through 3 mobile modems combined.  We strongly suggest asking the venue for their internet connection in order to have one more internet source we can combine with our system.

Streaming clip available:

Once the event has finalized, the recorded transmission becomes available to re-watch on the same day.


For 2nd option:


Even when the transmission becomes available to re-watch on the same day, we are able to improve the image quality since we are also recording the event with our professional cameras while streaming the event.  This raw footage material is processed (adding more vivid colors) and edited (adding shots, doing better cuts, and clearer audio) in order to have available an upgraded film on the same link the live streaming played.  This process is finalized 2 days after the event max.

Please Contact us to know more about this service!